Musing on reading

Reading is a form of telepathy (admittedly there’s a bit of a time lag). But, in no other way can you get so fully into other people’s heads. (Brain surgeons may disagree). Here, you can follow their thought processes, read their deepest beliefs and opinions (whether straightforwardly stated or detectable in phrasing and character choices). You can wander through stray thoughts that occurred at three a.m. in the morning and through more clearly articulated views and wants and fears.
That is no to say that the actions and thoughts of any given character are necessarily those of the author – in fact, in very few cases would that be wholly true – but in the most carefully artificial construct, the truth is likely to poke out from beneath with a tell-tale beam or strut.
It is part of what makes reading so wonderful: that connection with others and the exploration and the experience of new ways of thinking.
It does however, sometimes give me the disconcerting feeling that when writing that I’m flashing people with my ugly naked brain.
Sorry about that. I’ll go put some clothes on it now.


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