Greetings and all good things: an introduction

This blog is about words.

Words written, words read, words made up by my husband in scrabble, which then turn out to be real ( see: sweal – (intransitive) To melt and run down, as the tallow of a candle; waste away without feeding the flame. To singe; scorch; dress (as a hog) with burning or singeing. (dialectal) To consume with fire; burn.)

I am the author of “A lack of consensus on the “H” word and other matters” ( available on kindle, ibooks and kobo, links below) and am currently about a third of the way through a second novel about dreams and reality, fears and ambulatory bananas. Am also writing some little short pieces set in the Harmonyverse and will try to add excerpts here and there, if I manage to work out ‘setting up a website’ without my brain swealing into a puddle.

I read almost anything, from sci-fi to detective fiction, gritty drama, to Victorian sensational novels. At the moment, I am reading a lot of Anthony Trollope, a writer who has an endless re-readability and a sometimes startling relevance.

Hope you enjoy the blog and excerpts. If you read the book and enjoy it, a review would warm the corrupted little cochleae of my heart.


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