Bits and pieces

Added an excerpt from “Lack of Consensus” to the homepage.

Have started reading The Fixed Period. It concerns the mandatory euthanasia of all citizens between the age of sixty seven and sixty eight. Enjoying it very much so far, it is somehow both atypical and typical Trollope at the same time. For example, the narrator is a pompous, self-righteous blowhard, which is familiar, but he is also rather desperately keen to exsanguinate his best friend for the general good, which is a touch on the unusual side.

Finally, a poem:

A peculiarly popular delusion

To my gentleman friend, with the flatulent mouth – that all the intestines are snaking, in queues, to get out –

My face is none of your business.

To my lady, who feels that the height of her sneer, lifts the height of her wit to a rarefied, glorified, jeer

My body is not your jurisdiction.

And yet, such an ill-applied, cringing applause, does bolster derision,                                   and sharpens the softest of claws

 And such egotistical, arrogant view of the order of virtues,                                                        is held as ‘oh well, but it’s true’

But to gas and to bubbles and droolings of hate, that froth, drip and dribble (and leave all the paths in a state)

My face is none of your business.

And, really and truly, it baffles because, after all –                                                                    Why the hell, would you think that it was?


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